Proctoring services for distance learners

Distance learning has become so popular and so practical that more and more capable and ambitious people are given access to higher education to help build a successful career. A proctored exam is a given in distance learning programs. Given the current state of technology, traditional paper-and-pen examinations are no longer required, except in very rare cases. The vast majority of educational organizations use online testing for both on-site and off-site testing.  At Simplex United Business & Career Center, we are happy to offer our proctoring services to help universities and test takers have their exam conducted in a convenient, quiet and secure environment. With over three years in business, Simplex United can ensure a high-quality, secure testing experience. 

For test candidates:

If you plan to take your test in our location, please contact your university to obtain permission. Each university may have a specific test delivery system and may require an agreement to be signed with our Testing Center prior to the exam. Detailed information is available on our website. The Center is open 7 days a week and we are ready accommodate candidates with special needs by preliminary request. Please email your inquiry to:

Proctoring fee

The Testing Center requires a one-time proctoring fee from the candidate prior to the exam. The fee amount may vary depending on the duration of the exam.  Click here for proctoring fee information. If you have any questions, please call us at 909-795-4979 or email for more details.

Technical information

We take pride in our computer equipment and strive to meet or exceed online testing providers’ requirements.  We are proud to offer an ultra-fast FiOs Internet connection by Frontier Communications, Inc. Our audio headsets provide high quality sound recognition and voice recording.

Candidate comfort

Our testing center provides long tables and comfortable chairs perfect for long testing hours. We offer noise cancelling devices, such as headsets and earplugs for a candidate’s comfort. We provide secure lockers for a candidate’s personal items. Water is provided in the waiting room but not allowed inside the testing room. Restrooms are available before and after the exam and during a candidate’s scheduled exam breaks. 

What to expect at a Testing Center

During an initial checkup, we ask the candidate to present his or her photo ID to verify the student’s identity and admission letter issued by their university. For some exams, a candidate’s photograph may be taken for additional security and identification. The students are then provided with exam policies to make sure all rules are followed.  Please review the list of items prohibited in the testing room. The candidate’s ID and reading glasses are the only personal items that are normally allowed in the testing room. Depending on the particular exam, some items may be allowed, such as a specific type of calculator, exam-specific scratch paper, etc. On rare occasions, permitted items may include textbooks or other materials specified by the exam provider. 

Testing is monitored under a video surveillance system and recorded. Normally, we keep recordings available for two weeks after testing completion unless the university requests a different time.  In addition to video monitoring, our proctors continuously walk around the testing room to make sure candidates have no unnecessary browsers open on their computers.   

Once the exam has started, the test taker cannot leave the testing room and is required to remain on the premises in the proctor’s view during scheduled breaks. 

At the end of the test, all testing materials, such as scratch papers, pens, pencils, calculators, highlighters and printed documents must be returned to the proctor or administrator to ensure test integrity and security.