Simplex United Testing Center

Pre-employment Assessment & Professional Testing

Since 2013, when our company started an operation under name California College of Allied Health, we established a small proctoring facility to help people take pre-employment assessment and certification tests. Since that time, in partnership with the leading providers of Internet-based testing industry, we have helped thousands of people to be recognized in their workforce qualifications and abilities. Over four thousand job applicants seeking positions in the US Postal Service, US Customs and Border Protection, Engineering and Telecommunication services, and the Transportation Security Administration have been taking pre-employment assessments in our Testing Center. Numerous Healthcare, Engineering, and Education specialists have been certified in their area of expertise and have taken a huge step forward in advancing their career.

As our company has grown, so did the Testing Center. At 2015 the Testing Center became a part of Simplex United LLC and continue its operations as Simplex United Business and Career Center. We are excited to be a part of the talent acquisition process, helping people achieve their dreams. We are making every effort to make the testing process distraction-free and secure. The candidates enjoy a friendly atmosphere, flexible scheduling hours, including weekends and holidays, and a convenient easy-to-find testing center location. Our location is right next to I-10 freeway and provides free parking with ADA accommodation, modern testing stations, a fully equipped testing room creating an ideal environment, long tables and chairs convenient for long testing hours, climate control and proper lighting, and a respectful and knowledgeable Testing Center staff. Simplex United Business and Career Center is credited under the NCTA (Nation College Testing Association).

Welcome to Simplex United Business and Career Center!

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Come on in to Simplex United Business and Career Center where you can test securely through ServSafe and receive your Certified Professional Food Manager (CPFM) and Alcohol Handler certifications. These certifications are widely recognized by every state in the US and are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).